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BuildingsChewbaccaDarth Vader
Defensive BuildingsDroideka OppressorDroideka Sentinel
Elite AT-ATGameplayImpeirial Alloy Depot
Imperial AT-ATImperial AT-STImperial Barracks
Imperial Burst TurretImperial FactoryImperial Headquarters
Imperial Hero CommandImperial Proton Mortar TurretImperial Rapid Fire Turret
Imperial Rocket TurretImperial Speeder BikeImperial Squad Center
Imperial Starship CommandLAAT TrapMedic Droid
MercenariesMissions/ Rebel AllainceOther Buildings
Phase II Dark TrooperRebel BarracksRebel Burst Turret
Rebel CantinaRebel Credit MarketRebel Factory
Rebel HeadquartersRebel JuggernautRebel Pathfinder
Rebel Planetary CommandRebel Proton Morter TurretRebel Rapid Fire Turret
Rebel Rocket TurretRebel Shield GeneratorRebel Soldier
Rebel Sonic Cannon/TurretRebel Speeder BikeRebel Squad Center
Rebel Starship CommandRebel WallResource Buildings
Royal GaurdSpeeder BikeStar Wars Commander Wiki
StormtrooperT2-B Repulsor TankTIE Bomber
TIE FightersTIE InterceptorThe Galactic Empire
The Rebel AllianceTroopsTurrets
Veteran AT-STWookiee Warrior
File:Chewbacca.pngFile:Credit market 2.pngFile:Dark.png
File:Darktrooper.pngFile:Empire.pngFile:Empire HQ LVL 4.jpg
File:Empire baracks lvl2.pngFile:Empire barracks lvl3.pngFile:Empire barracks lvl4.png
File:Empire barracks lvl5.pngFile:Empire barracks lvl6.pngFile:Empire barracks lvl7.png
File:Empire headquarters lvl7.pngFile:Empire squad center lvl5.pngFile:Empire squad center lvl6.png
File:IMG 3569 (2).jpgFile:Image.jpgFile:Image2 (2).jpg
File:Image3 (2).jpgFile:Image4 (2).jpgFile:Image6 (2).jpg
File:Image7 (2).jpgFile:Medic.pngFile:Pathfinder.png
File:Phase II Dark Trooper.jpgFile:RS.pngFile:Rebellion.png
File:Soldier.pngFile:Sonic Cannon operation.jpgFile:Speeder bike.png
File:Star-wars-commander-empire-troops-01.jpgFile:Star Wars Commander - TrailerFile:Star Wars Commander - iOS Android - HD (Sneak Peek - Empire) Gameplay Trailer
File:Star Wars Commander - iOS Android - HD (Sneak Peek - Rebels) Gameplay TrailerFile:Starwars-commander.pngFile:Storm.png
File:Storm Trooper.jpgFile:Stormtrooper.pngFile:T2-B.png
File:Wall 3.pngFile:Wik.pngFile:Wiki-background

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